Saturday, September 15, 2007

The "Petoskey" Afghan is Finished!

The "Petoskey" afghan is finally finished and I think Mabel likes it! :-)

I haven't crocheted in years, but started this while on vacation with the girls in Michigan. Projects like this keep me from working at the computer too much.

I named it Petoskey after a type of fossil we hunted for in Lake Huron on our trip. The fossils are formed from ancient coral that thrived in the area when it was covered by sea.

The circle pattern comes from the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton... these are the "Big Round" block in various colors.


Anu said...

Hi, I'm Anu from Oz & so loved yr blogspot, especially the crochet, I've added you to my BlogLog and put a sidebar link to here on my blogspot :

I'm not sure how you feel about this so check it out & if it works for you, great!
If not I'll just delete it.

I'm also the admin for the Tapestry Crochet blogspot, link from my main blog.
If you are interested in crochet generally you might like to check it out & follow a few of the links to the Flickr pix & other blogs etc.

I was attracted to your site from GrannyAlong. Followed sidebar link to here & saw you had created this beautiful Petoskey (great name!)rug, which is an advance on one I'm making called Sunspots. You can find the tag links on GrannyAlong, so you'll see what I mean. You've inspired me to up my hooking for the next one!

Mabel looks beautiful in the scarf version!


chinamama said...

thanx, anu! love the link and love your blog. going to check out some more of your fractal projects, too.

the sunspots you've done are really beautiful. you're like me. i diagram each piece before i do it. i'm guessing you do some graphic design, too? cheers to you and here's to more grannies! :-) amy

Anu said...

I am so glad you are happy with us linking. I so enjoy sharing across cultures & geography.

I did do a Multimedia Certificate (mainly animation & using Flash & Photoshop) in the Graphic Design Course a couple of years ago, but apart from going to art college when I left school, way back in late 50's (phew, can you believe...50 years ago...I am getting on...time gets away, no doubt!), I have been largely self taught.

My gran'mama taught me the basic crochet stitches when I was a wee thing, but I didn't get serious until I started traveling in 60's when I found it a useful portable art to do as the miles ticked away in buses, ships, cars or waiting for a lifts here & there.

Looking forward to more of yr posts as we proceed down this road called 'life'. Mabel has won my heart. You obviously have a very good life going there. Blessings!