Sunday, November 11, 2007

branding: viridian products

I don't post worklife stuff very often - but wanted to share the tea cannisters and candles for Viridian Day Spa. We had a photo shoot recently and will be launching the spa's site soon...
The tea is great and the candles smell divine (spearmint fern). lovely



patrick properties said...

You ARE the branding goddess! Everything looks beautiful. : )

Anonymous said...


As the client (owner of Viridian), I wanted to thank you for sharing your Viridian work with the world...and I don't just mean on your blog!

YOU have played a huge role in Viridian's early, and I hope long-time success. I can't even describe to you what your talent has meant to me. You brought my concept and vision to life in so many important ways, starting with the logo.

I am still amazed when I look at these things and feel so fortunate to have you on the Viridian team.

Love you! Love your work!