Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lucy and Mabel dolls

I wasn't able to post these earlier (along with other stuff) because they were Christmas gifts for blog-reading family members.
Here are the Lucy and Mabel dolls that I made for my folks in Michigan. Sewed it into a tissue package with a poem that Edward wrote to go along with them:

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Since you live far away in Michigan Land,
We thought you'd want to see us more,
So we developed a plan.
You travel so much so here's something to do,
While on long distance trips,
You can take us with you!
It's really quite simple - we're so soft and so small,
We don't need much room,
We're just two little dolls!
Take pictures of us on your fun-filled vacations,
Then show them to us,
We won’t need our imaginations!
While driving on distant roads and kicking up dust,
You won’t miss Lucy and Mabel
‘Cause these little dolls look just like us!

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