Sunday, September 28, 2008

Edward's work: Syrena

Syrena by Edward Reed, 2008

I rarely post workstuff to the blog and have NEVER posted edward's... but he finished his latest mermaid today and I have to share. I LOVE it. I really love everything he makes - this one just really got me. Edward's works have been more painterly than his past pin-up vintage style (like Elvgren, Vargas). The latest have been more like Zoe Mozert and Rolf Armstrong.

Her name is Syrena. Syrena is a mermaid who protects the river Wisła and the Polish capital city, Warsaw. A photo from wikipedia at right.

Soon she'll join other mermaids in Edward's new book (should be out in April 2009). He currently has a few others that you can purchase here.

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