Sunday, September 21, 2008

grand sunday: the park

Really enjoyed the weekend.

Yesterday we got all of the piled up recycling to the local facility. We had a TON of it. Glad to have it out of here.

Today, we took the girls to Gahagan Park. Gahagan has an enormous play structure that seems to go on forever... slides, towers, climbing walls, monkey bars, rope ladders... you name it. There are even musical pipes and little theaters incorporated into the design. We LOVE this park. And the weather was finally cool enough to enjoy it.

We brought Lucy's bike along so she could practice some more. She really wants to get rid of her training wheels, but it's been tough to learn to ride here. Our neighborhood lacks sidewalks but is full of speedy drivers and the driveway doesn't give her the room to really take off.

After the park, we definitely needed ice cream. :-) Then it was on to the fabric store to grab the last bit of black i needed for Lucy's GRIM REAPER costume and to the book store to browse. Finally we had dinner at our local Chinese place and headed home.

LOVE days like this. No schedule - just hanging together and going with the flow...

(Finished Lucy's costume -- will get a pic tomorrow.)

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