Sunday, September 14, 2008

sewing: napkins for the table

I'm still working on ridding the house of paper towels, etc. Not sure we'll ever totally do without... BUT we are going to try to use washable cotton napkins as much as we can. Made 8 of them this afternoon to get us started... thinking i'll need a couple dozen or so to make the switch work. I used 100% cotton that I prewashed before cutting or sewing. Here's how:

whatcha need (for 4 napkins):
8 various fabric squares 17" x 17"
pinking sheers (optional)
sewing machine

how to do it:
1. mix/match your 8 squares into 4 pairs.
2. pin the pairs together with the right sides facing each other (you'll end up with 4 pinned sets with the wrong sides showing)
3. stitch around the edges with 1/2" seam allowance - stopping a few inches short of where you started (this leaves an opening for you to turn the napkin right-side-out)
4. trim the edges with pinking sheers (optional) and clip the corners close to the stitching.
5. turn the napkin right-side-out and push out the corners and edge seams of the napkins using a chopstick or the like
6. with a steamy iron - press each napkin's edges and corners - taking care to tuck in and press the opening.
7. top stitch around the whole napkin 1/8" from the edges.

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