Tuesday, September 25, 2007

our moon festival 07

What a great night. We started at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Red Orchids. After sharing steamed dumplings, chicken lo mein, tangerine chicken and lemon shrimp (drooling, yet?) we headed home and waited for the moon to rise. She was a beauty.

We had 4 different flavors of mooncake: lotus seed, red bean, winter melon and nut. The lotus seed and red bean were the most favored. I really liked the nut, too.
I think the kids really enjoyed this new tradition - especially since it included moon cake!

Next year you can celebrate Moon Festival, too - get your delicious mooncakes here!

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leslie said...

Very fascinating. I have just stumbled onto your blog thru Granny-along. You lead a wonderful life... you children are beautiful! I am very interested in your aviary... I have 3 cats and am frustrated that I can't have birds. I also love zebra finches and have owned several in the past... before cats! I want to make an aviary that may be cat-safe and your idea may work for me. Thanks!