Sunday, March 23, 2008

lucy's room progress

as i've been able to find time, i've been working on one of the upstairs rooms. our house's previous owners converted the attic into 2 bedrooms and a small bath. unfortunately, their taste in color and old stinky carpet didn't cut it. Removed the carpeting and padding (with lucy's help!) and patched up/sanded the plywood subfloor.

yesterday i scraped all the cottage cheese texture junk that was on the strip of ceiling and smoothed it out a bit. today - everything got a coat of primer.

still debating on color... actually liking the white. Lucy has an old cast iron white twin bed that will go up there... could be nice with lots of white and bits of pink accents here and there.

it's been a long haul, but we're almost done. should have lucy up there in a week or so. wheeeeee! :-)

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Unknown said...

It's looking great!