Thursday, March 20, 2008

willow blanket update

Finally spent some time with the willow squares and have gotten the strips sewn together. There will be a lot of ends to tie-off and tuck. yikes. Time to put strip-to-strip and finish it off. will post the final result! a


MaryjoO said...

I've been lurking on the granny-along for a long time as I have two afghans in progress, but was spurred on when I saw your willow blocks. Love the colors and the edging (which got me going again).

Dare I ask ... how many blocks did you do? I haven't counted mine up yet as I'm still doing the edgings, but I'm afraid I don't have nearly enough. Maryjo

chinamama said...

hi maryjoo - i like these colors, too - all from Vanna White's line. For this one, I did 48 squares - laying them out 6x8. I LOVE your sunburst squares and can't wait to see it done!! cheers, a

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a blogger I follow what is going on at Granny's site. There I've found your willow blocks, and I find it beautiful! Could you do me a favour and send me the pattern?? I've searched internet but couldn't find. You would make me very happy, I want to crochet a blanket for my daughters new house.
Many thanks in advance, I hope to hear from you! Carla