Friday, May 16, 2008

dirt girl: the front yard (or more properly titled: the neglected front yard)

Most folks in our neighborhood worry most about the way their front yards look than their back ones. Not me. I spend more time in the back, so I've been focusing there.
Time to move up front, though. My order of shade perennials arrived today. Am I ready for them? Of course not. I'm not even sure where they'll be going. Tons to dig up and prep in order to accommodate them. We've already got a full weekend (dear friend's wedding and a birthday party) so will do what i can.

Here's what i ordered:
Aster - Wonder of Staffa, a collection of Astilbe (Heart and Soul, Snow Drift, Purple Lance) and Clematis Naobi

They were out of the Purple Lance (very sad about that) so they sent extra Heart and Soul.

The Clematis will go along the roadside and eventually "(and hopefully) climb up the mailbox post. Still figuring on where to put the rest. I sure hope they end up looking like the photos from the supplier's website!!

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