Wednesday, May 21, 2008

food not lawns

well - i've decided i'm going to go for it. I'm going to prep the front yard so that next season i can work in as many vegetable plants as i can. We've already stopped wasting water for a lawn's sake. If i'm going to water - it's going to be for food.
Will be able to start some lettuces and cool-weather plants late summer.
The side yard gets enough sun to handle a good-sized patch of sweetcorn. I checked our neighborhood association covenants, and I think i can get away with it. And if I keep it ornamental in look, I'll avoid any issue for sure.

Unfortunately though - there is a covenant clause keeping me from having the chickens I really want. someday...

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Anonymous said...

I am doing the same thing now. I pulled all our bushes in the front out and we are going to plant different tea plants. They bloom beautifully and they are useful. Thank you for the inspiration.
Jennifer at