Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm back. What a July...

July started with knee surgery on the 3rd. I had torn some cartilage in June had needed to have it removed. The actual surgery was very interesting. I had them do a nerve/knee block so I could stay awake and watch the orthoscopic video feed. There were some cysts in there from earlier injuries, too - and they needed to take about an 1/8" from the back surface of my knee cap.
Recovery was very slow and after 2 weeks, I was barely getting around and unable to completely straighten and hardly able to bend the knee.
Not great since we were heading to Michigan for 2 weeks.

The day before we left for our trip, I overdid it for sure. So much to pack and prep for a 2-day drive and 2-week trip with munchkins. My foot swelled up to at least twice its size. I couldn't even get a shoe on.

Finally got the swelling down, enjoyed the trip (will post more on it shortly) and am not using a cane anymore.

The knee still won't completely straighten and the bending is pretty limited. My last doc appt showed that the muscles needed some more work, so I'll be starting physical therapy next week.

I expect to get it nearly back to normal...
more soon!

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