Friday, September 26, 2008

sewing: sewing machine cover

Here's a great simple project: a sewing machine cover. I'm not so good about putting my sewing machine back in it's case after I use it everytime. I leave it sitting on the little table I've designated as "the sewing table." Because of this - I'm embarrassed to say - it becomes dusty dusty dusty.
So last night, I took some measurements, made a quick pattern and made a sewing machine cover - in about 30 minutes. To make the bottom edge look finished, I used some narrow double-fold bias tape I had on hand. This evening while on the phone chatting with a friend, i made a few yoyos and attached them for added decoration... will add more to it as the days/month/years go by i'm sure of it.
I adore you, sewing machine - hope you like your new jacket.

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