Friday, September 26, 2008

teaching again - it's been a while

Today I accepted an offer to join the adjunct faculty at The Art Institute of Charleston. I'm looking forward to spending time with students again - has been over 10 years since I last taught.

Am going to stick with one class for this semester and see how it goes. The class is Graphic Symbolism. Here's the course description:
This course examines the importance of graphic symbols in design. Logos and other symbolic images are examined in historic and contemporary contexts. Graphic elements, including letter forms, simplified imagery, and abstract shapes, are then used to create individual logo designs and other symbolic images.

Better get cranking on the course syllabus! cheers.

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Anonymous said...

I have admired your work from a distance! I read your blog and I am a student at AICSC. Hope to bump into you at some point! I love your design. My biz partner and I are launching a site soon!

Love the new website!

Russ Bratcher