Monday, February 2, 2009

VD Love

This beauty was proudly pinned to my bulletin board last week - a gift from Edward. I LOVE her! She has that classic look that I adore. Every VDay morning, my Eddietine slips a heart-shaped box of chocolates onto the front seat of my car or my studio chair. So, yeah... that pin-up is me! :-) (right) But seriously - ain't she cute?!?!

Miss March is hanging behind her, but I'll wait and show her to you later in the month.

Also donning the bulletin board:
* Random photos from our trip to Lake Huron in Michigan
* an old Vogue Picture Record given to me by an old friend
* My Land-O-Lakes peek-a-booby girl (yes - I like to cut & paste)
* a God's Eye made while crafting at Lake Huron.
* fraction-t0-decimal conversion chart
* various other tidbits

The bulletin board is an old standard one that I've had for years. Last month I spent 5 minutes wrapping it in some fabric to spruce it up. You can do anything with a stapler....