Monday, March 31, 2008

almost done!

too exhausted to write much ;-) still things to do (window shade, artwork, bedding...) but we got the girls move up to their new room yesterday. their playroom will be across the hall.
a photo of some of the process below.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

bunnies and eggs

had a fun sugar and egg morning here at the house! the girls found their treat-filled baskets earlier in the morning - then we went out to the yard for an egg hunt. the eggs were hidden last night - 21 of them. during the seek-out, we discovered that a raccoon or squirrel had gotten into one of them - it was open and empty (some wee mammal got a motherload of sweets!).
The purplish jar at left is a traditional mix of pickled eggs and beets. yum!

lucy's science project

all of the 2nd graders at lucy's school have been studying animals and their classifications (mammals, insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish). For their final project, they picked an animal and had the option of creating a diorama, powerpoint or poster. Each had to depict the animal in its habitat and address its life cycle and place on the food chain (mainly - what it eats and what eats it).

Lucy selected the panda and had a great time studying about them. we built a diorama using one of her stuffed pandas. a little foam, plastic bamboo and paper mache and we had a great panda habitat! now lucy's toy pandas will have a place to play!

lucy's room progress

as i've been able to find time, i've been working on one of the upstairs rooms. our house's previous owners converted the attic into 2 bedrooms and a small bath. unfortunately, their taste in color and old stinky carpet didn't cut it. Removed the carpeting and padding (with lucy's help!) and patched up/sanded the plywood subfloor.

yesterday i scraped all the cottage cheese texture junk that was on the strip of ceiling and smoothed it out a bit. today - everything got a coat of primer.

still debating on color... actually liking the white. Lucy has an old cast iron white twin bed that will go up there... could be nice with lots of white and bits of pink accents here and there.

it's been a long haul, but we're almost done. should have lucy up there in a week or so. wheeeeee! :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

willow blanket update

Finally spent some time with the willow squares and have gotten the strips sewn together. There will be a lot of ends to tie-off and tuck. yikes. Time to put strip-to-strip and finish it off. will post the final result! a