Thursday, November 1, 2007


Was a scary good time last night! The girls' pumpkin buckets were filled to the brim with sweets!

Mabel was a trooper in her "OX" costume. A few people said "hey! look at Gumby!" Oh well ;-) Too bad they've missed out on Ugly Dolls.

Lucy's ghost costume came out great. All along the way, the gauze dangling from her costume was picking up dead leaves and twigs. At times, she looked like she was coming up out of the ground to scare the living. (as a bonus: the black lipstick was a hit - she loved to be able to wear makeup!)

While I was a pretty good girl in getting the OX and ghost costumes ready in advance of the day-o-scary, I was not so good in prepping little Lucy for her costume for school. The kids aren't allowed to wear halloween costumes on Halloween day to school. Not sure if it's a southern beware-the-occult thing or not. Instead, they have "Career Day" and students dress up as what they'd like to be when they grow up. Lucy wants to be a dentist. At the last minute (read till 2am the night before) - i sewed up some pink scrubs and a stuffed felt tooth to wear around her neck. Stuck a toothbrush in the pocket and - poof! - dentist.

I imagine there were a lot of doctors and firefighters in school that day - maybe some policemen and nurses. Wonder how many kids dressed up as graphic designers?

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patrick properties said...

That is like the picture postcard of Halloween fun! You all look great. : )