Thursday, May 15, 2008

dirt girl: sweet potato grave?

The sweet potato plants I ordered several weeks ago finally arrived Friday. These are called Sweet Potato Vardaman (Ipomoea batatus Vardaman) and grow into more of a bush than a spreading vine. They arrived in "slips" - 25 of them. So... off to the yard i went to plot a spot to build their bed. The hardest part for sure was...

removing the current residents. Luckily these weren't too tough. Even with a knee brace and 1.5 legs I managed.

well - with a little help from miss mabelicious! ;-)

tada! a grave (really does look like one). After piling up a good long hill, i poked 5 deep holes with a wooden chopstick and set the slips. Mabel filled each hole with water and I packed them in. Hopefully we'll be pulling yummy homegrown sweet potatoes from the mound throughout September and October!

Here's a shot of a little friend who came to visit after the fence was up. and a close up of one of the plants.

I only planted 5 of the slips. We've got a few in water-filled bottles for fun. If you're interested - i'm happy to share!

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