Sunday, August 17, 2008

animal adventure

Edward and I tried to get the girls to the Animal Planet expo at the fairgrounds today. After fighting traffic for nearly an hour (normally it takes us 5 minutes), we were barely to the fairgrounds.

(Insert change of plan here)

New destination: The Charleston Animal Society. If you haven't been over to this new SPCA facility you're missing out!

I know, I know - we've got a zoo here already, cats, birds, rabbit (kids). But we know we will be ready to add a dog to the family soon. To start, we've all been considering the care, time, money and love that goes into it. A visit to the shelter to pet and experience the variety of dogs and cats was a great step. Lucy and I gathered some educational materials to help prep us as well.

We didn't have the camera with us, so pics here are from the shelter's site.

After a rare lunch out, we headed to the library for books and movies.

Was a great day! a

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